When is Soul Discovery useful?

At any time in a person’s life, they may find themselves feeling a bit lost, confused about what direction to take, or decision to make, or option to choose.

They may feel stuck, unable to move into the next steps to create what they want, welcome something new, or design their next chapter in life. Fear or resistance may be present.

At other times someone may feel like they have lost their inner compass: a clear knowing of what is right for them at this time and what to do next.

for another person, it may feel as if they can’t trust themselves, because there is so much inner conflict (which is caused by two parts of the self with opposing views who are fighting it out! One part of you says “You should do X, this is the right thing to do” while the other part insists “NO, I want you to do Y, this is better for your own well-being”).

For anyone in this moment in their lives, the process of Soul Discovery offers you a way to explore more aspects of yourself in order to gain greater clarity and experience a deep sense of knowing the best choice for you at this time.

How does the process work?

Over 8-10 weeks, Tara will guide you through a series of weekly exercises and structured practices for you to experiment with experientially.

The coaching process will move through four phases:

  • Preparing for the Journey
  • Discovery Explorations
  • Integrating the Learnings
  • Creating an Action Plan

By the end of this structured coaching process, you will:

Shift from feeling confused or lost…to feeling grounded, steady, and clear.

Sense the unique essence and qualities of your whole human being.

Experience a new level of trust in yourself through deeper connection with your body and soul.

Complete a written action plan to outline your top priorities and next steps.

What do others say about the journey of soul discovery and purpose?

“I wholeheartedly recommend the purpose process coaching program. I learned a lot about myself, and more importantly, it helped me love and accept who I am. In the beginning, I was both skeptical and afraid about finding my authentic purpose. What if I didnĀ“t have one? Or what if I did, but what I was doing with my life was not it? Tara eased the process helping me lean into trust and patience. She helped me identify my inner walls and honor them. I found every exercise we did together helpful, profound, and eye-opening. By the time I reached my authentic purpose, I was ready and unafraid. It did not change my life right away, but it became a beacon. It help me start introducing changes that eventually took me into a different personal and professional path, one I am extremely happy with.” ~I.M. Spain